The way you applying your company logo on the items is one the most effective things that will improve the impact of any upcoming company’s Events / celebration. Therefore we provide the gifts and promotional items to the companies and organization printed or engraved with their corporate logos and designs.

Each of our client defines marketing differently. Some of them want promotional gift items and other want promotional apparel or printed material, therefore knowing which the required marketing strategy is the starting point for serving them well. The applications we are providing are:

Digital Printing Apparel

At Marksys, we strive to manufacture excellent quality textile prints for our customers and offering the convenience of being one of the few internationally accessible digital fabric for all kind of events and organization. Our collection includes a wide range of printed fabrics, both rotary print and overprint. Digital printing offers great advantages in terms of designing and producing. Precise and detailed prints with rich colors offer great opportunities for customizing and personalizing high/quality garments and collections. Our Professional Expert Designers are available to assist, help create and prepare your designsfor print. No minimum or maximum order required. We are able to convert the versatile demand into supply.

Embroidery services

Embroidery is a needlework done usually on loosely woven cloth or canvas, often being a logo or pattern.Why do leading organizations depend on Marksys for quality custom embroidery needs? Because they love the service, prices and quality that we put into each product.

Our team of embroidery experts goes the extra mile to ensure your embroidered apparel looks amazing!